A brief description of suggested canoe trips are listed below.  Visit Parks BC website

for more detailed information.   Be prepared - Full camping and survival gear is required. 

Beaver Valley 4 Lakes Chain (1 – 3 days) -  Approximately 17 km of slow moving, meandering water with primitive campsite facilities.  The route weaves its way from sporadic evidence of ranching and farming activity on Opheim and Chambers Lake to the wilderness tranquility of Joan Lake and ultimately Rye Lake, an area proposed for a wilderness park.

Location:  Travel 40 minutes east of Hwy 97 near Williams Lake, B.C. on the Likely Road.

Ghost Lake – Located north east of HWY 97 in the Cariboo Mountains.Provincial Park, approximately 120 km from where you pick up your canoe at our farm.  Due to the distance over a gravel road, an overnight or longer trip is recommended.

Moose Valley Canoe Chain (1 or 2 days) -  This provincial park has a chain of 12 small lakes and is popular as a day or overnight canoeing destination.  Campsites are located at either end of the lake chain.  This colourful marshy area is full of aquatic plants and wildlife, such as moose, deer, waterfowl and amphibians.

Location:  Travel south on HWY 97, before you reach the District of 100 Mile House turn west onto Exeter Station Road. Then turn west on 1100 Road to the 1117 marker, turn right on a one-lane road and travel 9 km to Marks Lake.  Vehicles with 4x4 and high clearance are recommended.  (Travel time: approx. 1 hr 30 min)

Flat Lake Provincial Park – Southeast of 100 Mile House. This chain of lakes offers a two day, 20km return trip from Davis Lake through several unnamed lakes. Easy portages, rustic campsites.

Nazko Lake Canoe Chain (2-3 days) - This provincial park is part of the of the Chilcotin Plateau. This is a beautiful chain of five lakes. Start at Derpelt Lake and end in the Nazko River at Gem Falls.  This area is good habitat for moose and fur bearing animals.   

Location:  Dry weather route - Travel west on HWY 20 from Williams Lake and past Alexis Creek (111 km from Williams Lake) and Bull Canyon Park then turn right on Alexis Lakes Road. Travel approximately 32 km, turn left onto the 4600 Road (Clusko-Aneko Forest Service Road). The road to Loomis Lake and the Nazko Lake Canoe Chain is at kilometre 11.5, on the right, just past the 4645 marker sign. Loomis Lake is 11 km from the 4600 Road, and Deerpelt Lake, where the Canoe Chain starts, is about another 2.5 km. (Travel Time: approx. 2 hr)

Wet weather route - Travel west on HWY 20 approximately 67 km, turn right on the 1300 Road (also called Bush Road or Alex Graham/Raven Lake Forest Service Road). Continue on the 1300 Road for approximately 44 km. Just past the 45 marker sign on the 1300 Road turn left onto the 4600 Road and travel 45.5 km and turn right, just past the 4645 marker sign. Loomis Lake is 11 km from the 4600 Road, and Deerpelt Lake, where the Canoe Chain starts, is about another 2.5 km.  (Travel Time: appox. 2 hr 20min)

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit (2-10 days) - This popular provincial park canoe chain requires registration through BC Parks (web link below).  This is a 116 km chain of lakes and will take 6 to 10 days to complete . The west side of the circuit can be paddled in 2 to 4 days. This chain is renowned for its beautiful diversity.  It is recommended that those who attempt the circuit have some wilderness canoeing experience.  Drive in campsites are available near the registration centre. 

Location:  Drive north on HWY 97, past the City of Quesnel and turn onto HWY 26 to the District of Wells and the historic town of Barkerville.  Follow the signs to the parks entrance.  (Travel Time: approx. 3 hr)

Turner Lake Canoe Route. Location: Coast Mountains in Tweedsmuir Park. Second in popularity to the Bowron Circuit. Starts with a 16.4km portage!


Check these links to help plan your adventure in the Cariboo Chilcotin

BC Parks

Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the Arts, Interactive Map of Recreations Sites http://www.tsa.gov.bc.ca/sites_trails/finding/launch_interactive_map.htm

Backroad Mapbook - Cariboo Chilcotin Coast


BC Fishing Licence



The Cariboo Chilcotin has hundreds of beautiful lakes to explore.  To help create your itinerary we have listed our top pick of single day and multi-day canoe trips.

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